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Today it is markedly colder here in Edinburgh, and it feels like autumn. It is also Tuesday, which is the day before our weekly shop. It seemed inevitable that we would make some kind of soup, really.


Having had a rummage in the fridge for any languishing ingredients crying out to be used before the new shiny food arrives tomorrow, I found a sad little butternut squash and half a packet of streaky bacon. Epic.

This is the loosest of recipes, feel free to adapt to your own fridge contents.


In an oven-proof dish, pop in large chunks of red onion (I had half a normal onion needing used up, so that went in too), squash, a couple of garlic cloves, some streaky bacon or chorizo (I had a little piece in my fridge so that went in too). Add a little oil (not much, remember there will be fat off the bacon), and then bake in the oven for half an hour or so until the veg is cooked and catching colour, and the bacon is crispy.


Transfer all of this over into a pot, add a tin of chopped tomatoes and then two tins more of water. A chicken stock cube. You shouldn’t need any salt – the bacon will provide saltiness. Cook for twenty minutes, blitz with a hand blender and serve.

We had this with some of the savoury scones we made the other day – delicious!


I have had a large bowl. I am no longer cold 🙂

In the interest of frugality, we also made banana and dark chocolate muffins at the same time, using up the remaining bananas in the fruit bowl and baking at the same time as the veg so that we use less electricity. Recipe following shortly…