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A little autumnal experiment today,  it turned out beautifully!

I finely chopped up four smallish red onions, and cooked them off with some finely chopped chorizo ring. Then I added a pack of good quality sausages, and browned them off with the onions and chorizo. At this stage I added a large spoon of plain flour and gave everything a good stir, this thickens the sauce up well.

I added two tins of drained chickpeas and one of red kidney beans. Two tins of chopped tomatoes. A decent spoon of both paprika and cumin. A little glug of balsamic vinegar and a larger glug of red wine 😉 Two tins of water, some salt and pepper.

Leave to simmer for a couple of hours (or whack it in your slow cooker and forget about it!).


I also made Paul Hollywood’s wholemeal loaf today – best bread I’ve ever made. I’m a ‘make by hand’ convert.


This wasn’t super-frugal, but still cheap enough for a more-special-than-normal Sunday affair. I reckon it cost about six quid, which fed five amply and has given us some lovely thick flavoursome sauce for the freezer, which I’ll stir through some pasta or top a pizza with another day.