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I am ill. My head aches and my body hurts and my nose is like, well, it’s not pretty. I have no energy but I still have three children to entertain and cook. Home Alone on Netflix took care of problem one….and problem two was solved with cheesy macaroni soup. 

I had half a packet of macaroni pasta in the fridge, but doubted I had the strength or will to make a cheese sauce using a roux. This was a total improvisation, and whilst it won’t win Masterchef any time soon, it fed and pleased my three small people. 

I put the pasta on to cook in one pot. 

In another, I added about 200ml or so creme fraiche and slackened it off with some milk. Added some grated cheddar and Parmesan. It turned into a lovely sauce thin sauce with very little work. 

When the pasta was nearly cooked, I added some very finely chopped broccoli and some frozen peas. Drained it all, and added to the sauce. Served with some grated Parmesan to finish. 

Not particularly expensive. Three happy faces. Embarrassingly easy. And no meat, which I like.