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This is a recipe I’ve adapted from a Jamie Oliver one, it cuts down on the ingredients but still tastes great. It makes loads, and is a big winner in our family. My kids gobble this up. It’s pretty high on the veg front, doesn’t really have a lot of meat in it, and I work it out to be no more than 35p a portion.

In a food processor, blitz two onions, two garlic gloves, two carrots and two sticks of celery. Once it’s properly blitzed with no lumps, add the sausagemeat from four sausages. Pulse again. Add to a pan with a little oil, and cook off.

Meanwhile, cook some pasta. We usually use penne, and around 500g for the five of us.

Once the meat/veg combo is cooked, add a good slug of balsamic vinegar and then two runs of chopped tomatoes. A teaspoon of dried basil. A pinch of salt. And simmer.

^^^This amount of sauce will do two meals feeding five people. Before you add your drained pasta, take out half your sauce and freeze it for another time.

Mix cooked pasta through the remaining sauce, add a sprinkling of Parmesan and serve.

It would be super easy to add peas or sweetcorn to the sauce to up the veg count, if you wanted 🙂

Happy faces all round.

We buy good quality packs of sausages which have 12 chipolatas in them, for £5 in total. I used four, which costs 80p. The 1kg of pasta was £1. The tinned tomatoes were 31p per tin, and the veg would have worked out very inexpensive. Cheap cheap cheap!