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This year, we’re trying to cut down on buying stuff for the sake of buying it, and sticking to a few things they actually want/need. We’re using the ‘something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read’ rhyme as a guide. 

But, books are EXPENSIVE!

I’ve sourced two of our three book piles from charity shops this year. My middle child is getting a big set of Usborne books which I bought from eBay, and work out as a pound a book (she has twenty to open!). They are individually wrapped and will look lovely tied up with a big bow. These books are brilliantly-written and I know she will cherish them. 


Usborne collection for my 6yr old

For the other two, charity shops have been a godsend. I’ve not paid more than 50p a book, and I am sure they will love the titles I’ve chosen. And I’ve saved a fortune. 


books for my 8yr old

Some things you can tell are second hand (which is totally cool, I love second hand), but books don’t show the wear as much I don’t think. Some of these would pass as new. 

books for my 4yr old