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Is there a more child-friendly food than pizza? I think not. You eat it with your hands. You can choose your own toppings, it has MELTED CHEESE ON TOP?!? Perfection. It is not hard to make your own pizza, and it is ridiculously cheap.  


We use Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe, which is 1kg of strong white bread flour (I ran out and used 750g, topped with 250g plain white flour and it was fine), 4tbs oil, 14g dried yeast, 1ts salt and 1tbs sugar. And then 650ml lukewarm water. 

Using your fingers, bring it all together until you have a sticky dough. Turn it out onto a floured surface and kneed it. Give it five mins or so, then pop it into a lightly oiled bowl to rest. 


After a while (1-2 hours) take it out, knock the air out of it by kneeding again, and then tear off balls of the dough with your hands. Roll them out thinly – these are your bases. 

We pop the bases onto a lightly floured tray and bake for 3-4 mins, to begin cooking the base. Then pull out of the oven, and top. We use a spoon of tomato purée spread thinly over the base, and then a sprinkling of both dried oregano and basil. Some cheese (mozzarella and cheddar mix is great) and then toppings! My son likes veggie pizza so he often has sweetcorn, peppers and pineapple. My daughters prefer salami and roasted chicken meat with their veg. You choose! Back in the oven until ready (you will know!)


This yielded us enough pizza for three adults and three children with a small ball of dough for the freezer – perfect for a small person’s lunch one day. 


We used one pack of salami which was 79p, the mozzarella was no more than £1.50 for four balls from Lidl, a red pepper was 49p, the flour and yeast we’d combined can have cost no more than 60p. Tomato purée 30p. So even allowing another 50p for the other toppings , it’s only about £4 for seven portions. Really cheap!