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We eat a lot of pasta. What’s not to love? It’s cheap, quick and carries an infinite number of delicious sauces. This one is a winner. 


Put your pasta on. We eat a lot of Lidl value penne which is about 30p for 500g and is honestly really good. 

In a pan, add some finely diced chorizo(about a quarter of a ring), some finely diced squash (a third of a squash maybe?), and little balls of sausagemeat squeezed from the casing. I used the meat of four chipolatas tonight. Gently cool off. 


Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, and use the tin to add a half-tin of water. 

A teaspoon or so of paprika. Some balsamic vinegar. Salt and pepper. Let it all blip away together. Keep an eye, adding more water if it’s drying up. 


When your pasta is cooked, add to your sauce and then add some spinach leaves, letting them wilt through. I use about a quarter of a big bag. 


Done. Minimal effort. Maximum taste. I have done the math and think that this cost me a couple of pennies less than £2.50 to make. So less than 50p per person. I shop in Lidl.