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Every year we get a real Christmas tree. Yes, it would be cheaper to buy an artificial tree and reuse it every year but to be honest, they’re just not as good!! The smell of a real tree, and the tradition of going to pick one are things I am not prepared to sacrifice.

For the last couple of years we’ve got a tree from IKEA. They cost £25, regardless of size (ours was nearly 7ft this year!) and when you purchase your tree you are handed a £20 voucher valid for the last week in Jan and first of Feb. Now, In fact.

It’s such a good deal!! Today Small3 and I went and spent our no minimum spend voucher. She had a lovely time wandering around the playground that is IKEA, and I got lots of bits for the kitchen which make us just a little more organised. Spot the purchases in my before and after pics!


I also managed to get wooden ganders for all my clothes – I recently reorganised my wardrobe so that I have a capsule collection of less stuff, but more to wear. Everything goes with everything and I don’t have lots of items languishing away for ‘one day’. New hangers may be unnecessary, but it does look so much nicer and they were technically free anyway.

I think IKEA count on people forgetting where they’ve put the vouchers, or the short date window for spending. But if you keep on top of that, it’s such an excellent deal. Let’s be honest, even twenty five quid for a real tree is good, but throw in a twenty pound voucher and you’re laughing. Maybe next year I’ll buy two 😂