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I don’t know why we call them this, they are probably horribly inauthentic 😉

Anyway, tomorrow is payday. Isn’t January just an awful month?? This is a scramble-in-the-cupboards teatime, yet feels like a real treat. My kids love things they can eat with their hands too.

I used: about a third of a chorizo ring, an onion, a tin of chickpeas and a tin of kidney beans, a squeeze of tomato purée, some diced squash, paprika (I used sweet and smoked, but plain old paprika is fine),wraps. And served with cheese, sour cream and pepper sticks. I would have made guacamole too, had the bloody avocados ripened in time.

Finely dice your squash and chorizo and cook off in a little oil. Add a finely sliced onion. Let it all sweat for a minute or two. Add your two drained tons of beans, the tomato purée and a good teaspoon of paprika. Splash in some water to help the cooking of the squash and to prevent it drying out. I did this stage whilst my youngest was at nursery today, so all I have to do is five mins of assembly at teatime.

I dry-fried mine, so popped a tortilla wrap into a large pan on a medium heat and then spooned the mix on (not too much, spread it thinly!), and topped with cheese. I popped another tortilla wrap on top, then flipped it over to toast that side. They were done for about 90 seconds each side.

Cut into quarters, and serve with sour cream (and guacamole, if you are more organised than me!). My kids had slices of raw pepper too. Clean plates and happy days.

I reckon this cost about £3.10 to make, and it fed five with some mixture leftover for lunch another day. So less than fifty pence per serving?