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I bought a pack of lamb mince in Lidl last week, 30% off down to £1.64. I chucked it In the freezer and have since been wondering what to make with it. This weekend has been miserable; grey, windy and torrential rain. We needed something warming and substantial. And so I made lamb keema curry. The whole thing cost less than £3.50, fed five and I’ve got some leftover for a small person’s lunch one day 🙂


An onion
A teaspoon each of cumin seeds,  coriander seeds, garam masala and turmeric. If you like a good kick, some chilli powder too.
Fresh ginger, coriander, garlic
Lamb mince
A tin of chopped tomatoes
Frozen peas

Gently fry off a garlic clove, some fresh coriander, half a thumb of ginger and the onion, all finely chopped. Add your spices. Add your lamb mince, browning it off in the fragrant spices and veg. Add your tomatoes, a couple off handfuls of lentils (the quantity is no matter really – add lots to stretch it out if you need to) and some water.

Let it all blip away. Keep an eye on it – the lentils will swell and thicken your sauce,  and you may need to add a splash of water here and there. Give it half an hour, adjust seasoning if necessary. Five minutes before you want to eat, stir through some frozen peas and serve. My husband and kids like theirs with a splash of natural yoghurt, I prefer without.

I served this with rice and chapatis – Paul Hollywood’s recipe. They cost pennies and are far superior than anything bought in the shops.

250g wholemeal bread flour
20ml oil (PH states olive oil, I use sunflower and it is fine)

Combine them all together in a bowl, then kneed the dough for 5-10mins on a lightly floured surface. Leave it to rest in a lightly oiled bowl for a bit – half an hour anyway, but today I left it for three hours today and it was fine. Cut the dough in half, and then again until you have six small balls. Roll them out until they are thin and roughly circular. Using only the tiniest of oil spread thinly, heat over a moderate heat. Give them a minute or two either side, and serve.