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Sometimes, especially after a long holiday and a return to school and early mornings are looming, children need some extra motivation to get up in the morning. I also like it when my children leave the house with full tummies,  and pancakes are ALWAYS a winner in this house. This is our method for Fruity Banana Pancakes.

Take a cup or mug of self raising flour and put it in a mixing bowl. Using the same mug, fill it with milk and pop it in the bowl. Crack an egg into it. Whisk up well.

Add your fruit; mashed banana is really good (I add two), grated apple or pear works well too. Finely chopped peach slices is worth a try. Blueberries are especially good – they sometimes pop and their juices bleed to make fantastic purpley splodges in your breakfast.

Heat up a wide pan, throw in a know of butter. When sizzling, dollop your mixture into the pan using a large spoon. They need 1-2 minutes on each size, flip them over using a spatula or fish slice when they are golden brown.

Stack ’em high and drizzle with honey.