Last month, my husband (who is notoriously terrible with money) sat down with a biro and an envelope and ‘worked out our money’. “Look!”, he exclaimed, thrusting the hard evidence over the kitchen table. “Look! Look at how much disposable money we should have each month. Where does all our money go?”

He was not accusing me of trickling off my own shoe fund spends. He was genuinely perplexed. Where does our money go?

I looked at the numbers.  Made a few adjustments. Totted it up again. Was nearly sick. WHERE IS ALL OUR MONEY GOING??

And so, we have embarked upon an experiment. We (who am I kidding, I) have created a spreadsheet with all our monthly outgoings. Everything. Direct debits,  allowing for swimming and ballet lessons, a reasonable budget for food and petrol, there is even a hundred quid put aside each month for miscellaneous purchases (hoover bags, light bulbs,  you know the kind I mean). There is a column which totals our incoming money. And a final column, doing some fancy maths work, which produces the final number of our saving potential that month. What we could potentially have to save, to spend on a holiday, to keep…were it not for the fact that our money seems to evaporate as the days and weeks march on.

It’s going well. I shall keep you updated. We keep our spreadsheet updated. Every time a payment comes in or out, we mark it off and our boxes are adjusted accordingly. Our final box is looking very healthy at the moment.

Please,  please,  let me find that extra money! There is a dress I’m just desperate to buy…..