I have been absent almost a whole month. It felt a bit cheeky serving up really cheap meals to exchange students that were paying a decent whack for meals, so we have eaten rather extravagantly this month. It has been lovely! But now we are once again only five, and we need to get back into old habits.

On a normal week, we budget £100 to cover food for the five of us, as well as dancing lessons for my daughters (this costs £8 a week), and to take my youngest daughter swimming.

Our frugal challenge is to do this week on twenty quid. We need to run down the freezer anyway, and this will be a great excuse to do that. Twenty quid, to cover dancing, swimming and food. Eeeeek. I shall document daily to see how we do.

I have rustled up a pack of sausages from the depths of the freezer, which we will eat grilled with some mashed potatoes (the potatoes REALLY need eaten!) and sonme corn on the cob I have uncovered in our fridge. So far, so good. I suspect the meals will become more odd as the days progress 🙂