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This is a recipe that I found in a children’s cook book (Easy Peasy for Kids – Pru Irvine, and I would highly recommend it for anyone with kids!) and it’s the best banana bread I’ve ever tasted, or made. It consistently delivers. It is also fool proof. And an excellent way to use up bananas past their best.

My mum would bake with us all the time as children. We did not have lots of spare money but we always had baking ingredients, and I always remember making scones and cakes on a Saturday morning. Whilst baking ingredients are not always cheaper than a supermarket value pack of cakes or biscuits, the quality is far superior. And the experience, the memories, the sense of pride achieved by a child as they present their baking goods is hard to beat. My kids look at the pancake mixture in the supermarket and laugh; even at four my daughter knows that flour,  eggs and milk will yield far superior pancakes. Some of my friends do not bake. They have the baking fear. A fear of split cake mixture and burnt chocolate, of flat sponges and of rock hard buns. I firmly believe that baking from a young age helped me so much, it was never scary because it was a constant in my life. This is something I desperately hope carries forward with my children; cooking and baking is so empowering for small people.

Anyway,  I digress. Banana bread. My mum used a different recipe when we were growing up but now agrees that this one is the best she has ever used.


You will need: 360g of SR flour, 50g butter, 120g sugar, 120ml milk, 3 overripe bananas. Optional: dark chocolate, walnuts.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Grease a loaf tin. Whack all your ingredients in a food processor and whizz. Pour into tin. Bake until pale golden all over, and a knife/metal skewer comes out clean, which is usually about 45m.