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This is a great recipe. We love chorizo. So little of it is required to make a meal taste really meaty and smokey, which makes is a (non-veggie!) cook’s best friend. I use chorizo a lot to add a meaty depth to dishes with otherwise little meat content.

You will need: a chuck of chorizo (about a thumb length of a chorizo ring), the sausagemeat from two large or four small sausages,  two drained 400g tins of chickpeas, fresh coriander if you have it. No seasoning, the chorizo should be salty enough to take care of that.

Blitz the lot in a food processor, until it’s a kind of malleable paste. Mound into meatball-sized balls at 200° and bake on a lined tray for 20-25m.


That’s it. Seriously.

We most often have this with salad, cous cous,  houmous and pitta. They are great in a lunchbox, and work well both hot and cold. With the above mentioned accompaniments,  this feeds five generously, and comes in very cheap per head. The meat count is also little (less than one sausage and a tiny bit chorizo per person) which is healthier for everyone anyway.