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We are recently back from a family holiday. We had ten nights away, broken up into two overnight ferries and four nights each at two Eurocamp sites in The Netherlands. It was awesome. So was our Eurocamp holiday in France last year, which was eleven nights in total, spread out over the Loire region and the West coast of France. Eurocamp rules. Let me explain why.

We are a family of five. We do not fit nicely into the package holidays of major tour operators. But Eurocamp charge per accommodation unit, not per person. A game-changer, for those with more than a four person family.


Flexibility. Flexibility like you wouldn’t believe, actually. Want to break up your holiday into more than one area? No problem. Want to do a couple of overnight stop overs? No problem. Want to have different accommodation types for part of your holiday?  Also no problem. Flexible holidays are amazing.
Choice. You can choose your accommodation depending on your budget. From tents (with proper beds, no less) to caravans, tree houses and lake units; the choice is there. All accommodation comes with a bbq and fully equipped kitchen (and none of the nonsense ‘fully-equipped’ lies that come with a SC holiday from a big travel company – this truly is well-equipped), so if your budget won’t stretch to eating out, you can eat on the cheap too. We stock up at the local supermarkets, eating cheaply throughout the day and indulging in a BBQ at night.


I can’t stress enough how much more enjoyable our holidays have become since ditching the package holidays in built-up tourist traps and used our Eurocamp sites as a base for exploring a new country. This is holidaying with kids at its best. Each campsite has brilliant pools and sports facilities and  a dedicated Eurocamp colleagues to answer any queries. There are lots of children for your kids to buddy up with too, the nature of these holidays dictates that. In the Netherlands, one of our campsites had a safari park and large fun park on site and we got free access to both, saving us hundreds of euros.


We priced up next year’s holiday last night. We want to spend six nights in Lake Garda,  and five nights in Croatia. £955. We will need to source cheap flights but that is easy enough, and even with that cost factored in we will have an incredible cheap but fantastic trip. And totally tailored to us. How many of the high street holiday companies can offer that kind of value for money and satisfaction?