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Apologies. I have been woefully absent. I have no excuse other than laziness, I’m afraid.

I want to share this recipe. It has been adapted from something I saw on TV once, and it feeds a family well, for little money.

One of the key ways to bring down meal cost seems to be the amount of meat consumed within that meal. My husband,  the towering 6 ft 6 lad of tremendous appetite, would feel cheated if I made a tea without meat and so I have had to be creative. And so follows a recipe that is filling and fulfils the meaty quota of the day, without breaking the bank.


Gently fry off the gnocchi in a little seasoned oil. You are looking for them to take on a pale golden colour, and crisp up a little. Once this has happened,  take off the heat and place into an oven proof dish. Pop in a preheated oven to keep warm.

In the same pan, fry off the little sausagemeat balls until nicely cooked through. Crumble over half a chicken stock cube, add a generous dollop of creme fraiche,  a decent squeeze of lemon juice (or in our house, a generous sprinkle from a bottle!) And a splash of water. You should now have lots of little sausage balls in a creamy sauce. Season with black pepper and a little salt.

Add in some frozen peas and green beans. Cook through.

Take the gnocchi out of the oven. Toss in the creamy sauce, so that the meat, veg and gnocchi are all coated in a creamy sauce. Serve.

Kids love this. Adults love this. Very little in the way of washing up too. We buy the Aldi packs of chipolata style sausages which have a very high meat content, and only use 8 to feed 5 of us. The other four go to another meal one night. Very cost effective. Aldi also do vacuum packs of gnocchi for 69p,  which is cheap as chips!!