image‘What’s for lunch?’ is dilemma for me. I’m often not hungry at lunchtime, and the thought of preparing food leaves me cold. My kids, especially in this weather, will not be fobbed off with a half-hearted sandwich. They want calories, warmth, substance. I want it to cost as little as possible and be minimum effort. Readers, meet the Vegetable Fritter.

I first came across the idea in a recipe book aimed at children, and it quickly became clear that my children LOVED them. They are easy to make, and let you use up all the less than perfect bits of veg lurking in your fridge.

Per child, you will need one egg, one tablespoon of milk and just over one tablespoon of SR flour (about 1.5 is right, or a very heaped tablespoon). And then your chosen veg.

Whisk up your pancake batter ingredients. Season lightly. Add whatever veg you fancy – we have found sweetcorn and peas (sometimes straight from the freezer), grated carrots or courgettes and finely chopped peppers work really well. Just use whatever you have lying around, the idea of these fritters is simplicity and frugality.

Get a large saucepan or griddle pan on a lowish heat, but hot. Pop some oil in, we use sunflower or vegetable oil. Then, drop a small drop of your mix into the pan. If it sizzles, you are good to go. Using a tablespoon, dollop your mixture into the pan, one spoonful per fritter. Give them a couple of mins either side – keep checking, they should be golden brown, not dark. My kids like these dipped in ketchup, straight out of the pan 🙂

It should be noted, these freeze very well. I pop four into a small Tupperware pot and freeze, ready for a lunchbox on busy mornings. Even if you take them from the freezer, they will be defrosted by lunchtime!